Inside Hope Hicks’ Romances with Trump Aides Rob Porter and Corey Lewandowski

Thursday, December 15, , 1: Yasmin Seweid, 18, joined a growing list of local and national alleged hate-crime victims when she told cops she was taunted Dec. But Seweid finally broke down Wednesday and was arrested after she admitted to detectives that it was all a big lie. Pictured with Seweid is her father l. The bareheaded Baruch College student, not wearing her hijab, was charged with filing a false report and released after her arraignment early Thursday in Manhattan Criminal Court. She faces up to a year in jail for each charge. Muslim student who was harassed at MTA station is missing Seweid claimed a white trio mocked her and tried to tear the religious garb from her head. Pool Photo She provided police a description of the suspects, one of whom cops at one point thought they spotted on video following her when she got off the subway at Grand Central Terminal. The New Hyde Park, L.

Shame Management and the Trump Supporter

By Cassie Murdoch Data from eHarmony shows that there has been a surge of mentions of Donald Trump from its users. It first started to climb after he got the nomination, but there were notable jumps both around the time of the election and the inauguration. Meanwhile, men receive 8 percent more messages from women when they mention politics than when they don’t.

Donald Trump scored an impressive Electoral College victory Nov. 8 after a campaign that revealed deep divisions – by race, gender and education – that were as wide and in some cases wider than in previous elections, according to an analysis of national exit poll data.

The witness did not specify which sanctions Flynn was referring to in his texts. But the nuclear project that Flynn and his business associate had worked on together was stymied by U. The witness’s account, made public Wednesday by the ranking Democrat on the House oversight committee, raises new concerns about the extent to which Flynn may have blurred his private and public interests during his brief stint inside the White House.

Flynn, a retired U. Army lieutenant general, pleaded guilty in federal court last week to one count of making false statements to the FBI and is now a cooperating witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russian intermediaries during the election. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said Wednesday the whistleblower’s allegations raise concerns that Flynn improperly aided the nuclear project after joining the White House as one of Trump’s top national security officials.

The project has yet to get off the ground. Cummings detailed the whistleblower’s allegations in a letter to committee chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S. In a reply late Wednesday, Gowdy said he had shared Cummings’ letter with Rep. Michael Conaway, R-Texas, and Rep. Gowdy spurned Cummings’ request for subpoenas, echoing his replies to previous Cummings subpoena requests.

Flynn had been a paid consultant for the venture before he joined the Trump campaign last year.

Dating Website for Trump Supporters Doesn’t Care if You’re Married, so Long as You’re Straight

Manigault claimed that her title was initially Special Assistant of Logistics and that she later served as Deputy Associate Director of Presidential Personnel; [15] however, according to an anonymous Gore staffer cited by People , her title was actually Scheduling Correspondent. They just kind of throw you in the fire. Stemming from her controversial, blindsiding, alienating, and acrimonious tactics of game play on The Apprentice particularly in its boardroom segments , she soon became the “woman America loved to hate” [17] and was named by E!

Manigault has also claimed the show’s producers have manipulated footage of her to make her look like the villain. She was eventually fired in the 10th episode, after serving as the project manager of the team that, according to Trump, suffered “the biggest slaughter in the history of The Apprentice” in a challenge to sell artwork against a team led by Morgan. The show aired on TV One.

Donald Daters, which promises to “Make America date again”, offers a sanctuary for like minded Trump supporters who have been scorned by the rest of the dating world. “Many on the Left chose party over love,” the site reads, “stopping any date if the other user is a supporter of our president.”.

Love in the time of Trump: He was a Donald Trump supporter, she was not. It’s a scene played out again and again in the dating world: In an increasingly partisan and polarized country, similarity in political viewpoints has become a major criterion when choosing—or weeding out—prospective love interests. But now, new dating websites are cropping up to take the guesswork out of pinning down political leanings.

Adored by millions of Americans, Trump is reviled by at least as many, some of whom are still mourning his election last month as America’s next president and the defeat of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. A similar site was set up for supporters of Bernie Sanders, the tousle-haired Vermont senator whose fiery rhetoric and embrace of environmental causes earned him a fervent and loyal following among liberals and voters under the age of


Trump won white voters by a margin almost identical to that of Mitt Romney, who lost the popular vote to Barack Obama in Trump appears likely to lose the popular vote, which would make him only the fifth elected president to do so and still win office. However, although Trump fared little better among blacks and Hispanics than Romney did four years ago, Hillary Clinton did not run as strongly among these core Democratic groups as Obama did in In , Obama had a point advantage among blacks.

A preliminary analysis.

The eldest son of Donald Trump is now dating Fox News host, Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49, according to Page Six. As a host of The Five, Kimberly is a vocal supporter of President Trump, and it was.

Share shares ‘I’ve always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American people and of working class people. The reboot’s three main characters sat on the show’s famed couch while surrounded by cast and producers as they promoted the returning program Reflecting the times: Roseanne reminded reporters that it ‘was working class people who elected Trump,’ which makes for a natural fit for the updated show Still got it: The comedic chemistry was still there for Roseanne and Goodman, who’s been a mainstay in entertainment in the two decades since the show’s been off the air Also appearing on the panel for the reboot of the show, which originally ran from thru , were co-stars Sarah Chalke, Ames McNamara, Emma Kenney, Jayden Rey; and producers Tom Werner, Bruce Helford and Whitney Cummings.

Barr wore a dark red sweater with a grey scarf and black pants and shoes on the dais. Roseanne L will be reprising the title role in the sitcom – which is returning to screens after 20 years off air pictured on the original, right Main man: Sara Gilbert said it’s a ‘great thing’ for loving families to disagree on political issues, which will be depicted on the show – in which she reprises her role of Darlene R Comeback: Laurie Metcalf was famed for playing Jackie Harris R – Roseanne’s younger sister, and loving aunt to her children Returning: Sarah Chalke will be playing Becky, the oldest of Dan and Roseanne’s children.

FACT CHECK: Donald Trump’s Father Arrested at KKK Rally

Dating a Trump supporter this election season? There has never been a better reason to return yourself to single status. If Google searches and media coverage is any indication, Trump is straining a lot of relationships.

Dating in is more of a challenge than ever before, thanks in part to today’s polarizing political landscape. While searching for a potential partner on other dating sites, it’s not uncommon to see messages like No Trump supporters or Proud liberal.

Comment On a snowy day in Detroit, Eminem, bearded and dressed in a white T-shirt and gray hoodie, stands in the lounge of his cavernous studio complex, nodding at a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. The game cheats, you know? He and I are talking a few days before the December 15 release of his new LP, Revival, an album that saw its run-up dominated by chatter about how much anti-Trump content it would include. Where am I going? You want to know how I can rap about that stuff and also rap about fucking ridiculous shit.

Do those poles just coexist more peacefully for you than they do for me? They do, and how you think those things go together depends on what kind of fan of my music you are. And as far as the attitude I have about those different subjects, I feel like I did when first I started out.

Can TrumpSingles make dating great again

Dating is a new, full-service online dating site aimed specifically at draining the dating swamp by providing out-and-proud Trump supporters with a place to connect with like-minded people. It officially its virtual doors this week to all America-first individuals looking for love. Based on the overwhelming empirical evidence that like-minded people have a far better chance at success in a relationship today, Trump.

Dating was made by patriots, for patriots, passionate about putting America first in their future. Dating is a convenient, easy-to-use online dating site designed for all ages and individuals at all stages of their lives. With tens of thousands of users active on the platform already, the Make Dating Great Again love-pairing site is helping like-minded Trump supporters find common ground with other patriotic people.

lust • Feb 01 What happens when you’re a feminist and you fall in love with a Trump supporter. For Christmas I bought him a Margaret Thatcher colouring book.

Why you should cheer, not gripe, when teens come trick-or-treating With heated political interactions now the norm, both on social media and in the real world, is dating someone with different political beliefs a thing of the past? It sure would seem that way. Jenny, 26, from New Orleans, was outspoken against President Trump. Trump supporters who are unattached have established their own online enclaves where they can meet like-minded people to avoid outbursts like the kind Peter describes.

Sadly, sites like that seem almost unnecessary, since many people would be hard-pressed to even find someone in their social circle with differing political opinions. A Pew Research Center study from last June found that nearly half 47 percent of people who at the time intended to vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump had no close friends who backed Trump, while nearly a third 31 percent of Trump voters had no close Clinton supporters as friends.

But is the strife all Trump-related? Or have we been divided according to politics all along? A study out of Yale and Stanford last month in the Journal of Politics found that these days we seek out partners with similar political beliefs far more than in the past. We judge potential partners far more positively when we share politics. He remembers some of his dates during the George W.

Donald Trump supporter abused for wearing one of the president

There has never been a better reason to return yourself to single status. If Google searches and media coverage is any indication, Trump is straining a lot of relationships. The people voting for Trump are largely white men—a subgroup of white men who are entitled, angry, racist and sexist. I can hear the pushback: The most brutally misogynist men often date, marry and claim to love women. Most women who are murdered are killed by men with whom they are currently or formerly romantically involved—men who often claim to love them.

Trump’s message, Williams argues, is “comfort food for high-school-educated guys who feel like losers — or did until they met Trump.” “Manly dignity is a big deal for most men.

Order Reprint of this Story June 27, Since January, many are using that limited space to make it public how much they detest Donald Trump. Fifteen percent of all Americans reported using an online dating site or mobile app, up from 11 percent in , and dating online has nearly tripled since among to year-olds over the same period. The outsized mention of Trump on dating sites could reflect the growing partisan divide across the country. Those numbers swell to to 70 percent and 62 percent, respectively, for people who vote regularly or are otherwise politically active.

Politics has moved into the bedroom. By The Trump factor appears to transcend gender, age and the political divide in red and blue states, the dating coaches said. It found that during January, typically the most active time for dating platforms, activity declined in the most Democratic counties, while dating activity increased in the most Republican counties. Match has a term for this: Conservatives are 57 more likely to date across party lines.

But if you voted for Trump last election, you may have limited your dating pool. It used to be that dating a smoker was a top deal-breaker.

We tried to find love on this dating site for Donald Trump supporters

Like Trump himself, the site has managed to do something impressive and unprecedented, by completely screwing over the people it serves. A french security researcher who goes by the name of Elliot Alderson after the protagonist of dystopian hacker drama Mr. Robot which I highly recommend apparently only needed five minutes to access its complete user database, along with all their personal info, their private messages, and the ability to steal their current session.

He tweeted in response to a Fox News post about the app, which is probably not what the team behind the app was expecting when they got the free advertising: The metaphorical irony of this situation is too much to bear Are you kidding me with this shit? And I doubt there are still on day 2.

Dear @real Donald Trump. You are the only person I know of who has such “a natural instinct for science” that he doesn’t have to take classes or run field studies and all to be an expert on any scientific subject.I don’t know any @real Apicologists, & even the @real Bee Guy who came out to give these critters a new home said he’d never seen anything like it.

Bea McCrabbie Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. Mencken probably Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one. Liebling Tuesday The Commentariat — Nov. You have shown us your true colors — and they’re mighty pale. He argued that rising interest rates and other Fed policies were damaging the economy When pressed whether he would commit to letting the [Mueller] probe continue until its conclusion, Trump stopped short of making an explicit pledge.

Trump’s argument is that since he’s the smartest person around, he is right about everything. I think I’ll try that; for one thing, it’s charming: You’re an expert on the subject? As a person with a very high level of intelligence, my gut tells me more than you brain can ever tell me.

Why You Should Dump That Trump Supporter

Pin President Donald Trump shakes the hand of billionaire venture capitalist and transition team member Peter Thiel during a meeting with technology executives at Trump Tower in December. In one private event at his home in San Francisco, he was cautious not to fully endorse Trump, but positioned him as a better option than Bernie Sanders, who he considered far too extreme, and Hillary Clinton, who he thought would be disastrous for trade and tax policy. By May of that year, the billionaire investor was ready to tie himself to Trump.

He was named a California delegate for the RNC that month, and by July, he was announced as a speaker at the event on the same day as the Republican candidate and his daughter Ivanka Trump. The billionaire venture capitalist remained relatively quiet through the summer of , avoiding interviews about Trump and Gawker Media, after Forbes revealed in May that Thiel had been secretly footing former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan’s legal bills against the New York news organization.

Thiel said little publicly about the case.

Show me a happy interracial trump supporter couple and I’ll show you a statistical anomaly. You don’t have to pretend to be anything you’re not, Donald Dater .

The White House press office did not respond to a request for comment on this story. Trump has, however, made clear his displeasure with how his own staff has handled the Porter scandal, multiple sources tell The Daily Beast. Among those whom the president believes have done a less-than-adequate job include Communications Director Hope Hicks, who has been dating Porter, and Chief of Staff John Kelly.

According to a Friday report from ABC News, the latter told Trump he would resign over his handling of the Porter scandal if the president asked him to. For the president, it was a reversion to the mean: Trump has dispensed with self-reflection and self-doubt before when it comes to standing by political allies and those close to him. Among those who he has defended against accusations of sexual harassment or assault include failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore , the late Fox News architect Roger Ailes, and former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson.

The president himself has been accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct.

Young Trump Girl: “We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it.”

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