Looking for ID on these old axe heads.

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Australian banking heads face parliamentary grilling over misconduct

Greeks[ edit ] Athenian warrior wielding a spear in battle The spear is the main weapon of the warriors of Homer ‘s Iliad. The use of both a single thrusting spear and two throwing spears are mentioned. It has been suggested that two styles of combat are being described; an early style, with thrusting spears, dating to the Mycenaean period in which the Iliad is set, and, anachronistically, a later style, with throwing spears, from Homer’s own Archaic period.

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Nigeria Table of Contents All evidence suggests the early settlement of Nigeria millennia before the spread of agriculture 3, years ago, and one day it probably will be possible to reconstruct the high points of this early history. Although archaeological research has made great strides in identifying some major developments, comparatively little archaeological work has been undertaken. Consequently, it is possible only to outline some of the early history of Nigeria.

The earliest known example of a fossil skeleton with negroid features, perhaps 10, years old, was found at Iii Ileru in western Nigeria and attests to the antiquity of habitation in the region. Stone tools, indicating human settlement, date back another 2, years. Microlithic and ceramic industries were developed by pastoralists in the savanna from at least the fourth millennium B. To the south, hunting and gathering gradually gave way to subsistence farming on the fringe of the forest in the first millennium B.

The cultivation of staple foods, such as yams, later was introduced into forest clearings.

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There being no known ground stone axeheads of Mesolithic date in Scotland, and very few indeed that have been found in post-Neolithic contexts, it is, therefore, assumed that the vast majority of these date to the Neolithic. Most of the research on axeheads and related objects has been focused on addressing the question: Much of this provenancing was by petrological thin-sectioning and the publication, in , of the IPC’s listing of petrologically-identified specimens from Scotland and the rest of Britain: Clough and Cummins marked a watershed in our understanding of the movement of material.

The former site was excavated by Mark Edmonds et al.

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Bronze Age gold rings of a high-status person found in Wales Constanze Rassman holding one of the bronze axes found at the site. It is this that makes the finding of these axe heads such a ground-breaking discovery. Photo by Simon Burchell, Wikimedia Commons French antiquary Mahudel was the first to note that bronze items were generally found in graves and from this he proposed that discoveries of stone, bronze and iron items could be dated according to a particular sequence.

This idea was subsequently adopted by English antiquaries, notably William Borlase and the chronology had become generally accepted by the end of the eighteenth century. The Bronze Age in Britain began around 2, BC and the period is marked by the introduction of bronze tools and weapons from the European mainland. Bronze is formed from the combination of a small amount of tin around 10 percent with the remaining metal 90 percent being copper.

The Bronze Age in southern Europe began on the island of Crete which acted as a base for the export of bronze items to Europe. The first bronze weapons were crafted by the Mycenaean culture of Greece. The Mycenaeans originally came from Russia. When they arrived in Greece they began to trade with the Minoans.

Dating an old Craftsman axe. HELP!!

AX , are each scheduled to face intense questioning from parliamentarians over their banks’ governance failures. It will be the first time CEOs of Australia’s biggest financial institutions are questioned about the misconduct uncovered by the inquiry, disclosures which shocked the country, drove down share prices, raised the spectre of financial penalties and cost several executives their jobs.

The inquiry known as a Royal Commission could recommend tougher regulation and civil or criminal charges when its final report is handed down early next year, having heard evidence of widespread product miss-selling, charges for services-not-rendered and fees taken out of dead client accounts. Thistlethwaite said he would take a particular interest in CBA, Australia’s biggest bank and the one which has suffered the biggest reputational damage from the inquiry.

The result of all the provenancing studies is that it is clear that a considerable number of axeheads found in Scotland come from preferred sources – the term ‘axe factory’ is avoided since it has overtones of modern industrial production.

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Share via Email This article is over 7 years old Acheulian hand axes. Our ancestor Homo erectus used shaped stone tools like these to butcher animal carcasses. Archaeologists unearthed the implements while excavating mudstone banks on the shores of Lake Turkana in the remote north-west of the country. The largest of the tools are around 20cm long and have been chipped into shape on two sides, a hallmark of more sophisticated stone toolmaking techniques probably developed by Homo erectus, an ancestor of modern humans.

Trenches dug at the same site revealed remains of long-gone species that shared the land with those who left the tools behind. Among them were primitive versions of hippopotamuses, rhinos, horses, antelopes, and dangerous predators such as big cats and hyenas.

The stone ax heads, imported in great quantities from the north and used in opening the forest for agricultural development, were venerated by the Yoruba descendants of neolithic pioneers as “thunderbolts” hurled to earth by the gods.

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In the late Neolithic era, the first metal ax heads were hewn from copper or copper mixed with arsenic. While these copper heads were flatter than the stone variety, they were still fastened, or hafted, to the handle with birch tar and leather lashings.

Need help in dating early axe head I would put the age of the piece easily in the ‘s. It is a Broad Axe. Google the name for more stuff but here is a quote from Wise Geek. Your item cleary fits the description of, “having one beveled edge and one straight. This design is intended for use in squaring timbers. Using a broad axe requires a great deal of skill and physical strength, and the necessary skills are growing uncommon, due to the proliferation of mechanized logging equipment which does the same job.

It is still sometimes possible to purchase broad axes from logging supply companies and hardware stores. A typical broad axe has two distinct sides.

My Collection Of Ax Heads: Metal Detecting

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