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Most of the buildings which it shows were erected before the Civil war period, and only two of them are now standing, one on each side of the street. They are Exchange block at the right, with the blank wall, and Pentland block at the left, the stone building with the dormer window, and the latter building has been changed completely in appearance since the photograph was made. This is a scene looking north from the old Van Doorn building opposite the end of Flat street, later known as Bond’s block and now as Culver block. Incidentally it may be said that the location from which the picture was made was where the first building on Main street probably stood. The picture includes on the left the entire row buildings from Flat street to High street. In the street, near the top of Main street hill is a covered wagon of the type once used for transporting freight up the West River valley. On the right-hand side of the street in the center of the picture is shown a row of horse-drawn vehicles, while on the opposite side, just beyond the covered wagon, is a Concord coach standing in front of the old Brattleboro House. At the lower left-hand corner of the picture is shown a part of the old Ray building, the first building north of Flat street. It was erected in

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Email Print Every collector knows that the quickest way to identify a piece of pottery or porcelain is to identify the mark, but sometimes it’s unreliable because marks are often forged and changed. This is a listing of the better-known marks and backstamps and enough information so that you can learn more about your porcelains. Research and experience will tell you if the color, texture, weight, design, or general “feel” of the piece is right.

This will help you identify the mark. The marks are listed according to their shapes.

Corelle, Corningware, Revere World Kitchen, Inc. manufactures and markets bakeware, dinnerware, kitchen and household tools, rangetop cookware and cutlery products sold under well-known and trusted brands including CorningWare, Pyrex, CORELLE, Revere, EKCO, Baker’s Secret, Magnalite, Chicago Cutlery, and OLFA.

Greater Springfield[ edit ] Hampden County is the economic and cultural center of Western Massachusetts — a region that spans Massachusetts’ three counties in the Connecticut River Valley , and its mountainous, westernmost county, The Berkshires. Western New England ‘s largest city, and Western Massachusetts’ economic, civic, and recreational capital is Springfield. Springfield lies on the Connecticut River.

Springfield has played an important role throughout American history. Today, it features numerous sites of historic and general interest. As of , Springfield is also several years into an economic and cultural resurgence that began during the new millennium, in conjunction with Springfield and Hartford, Connecticut — which is located only The two cities which once competed for similar businesses have, in the past decade, taken on more complementary roles, with Hartford increasingly defining itself as a business center and Springfield increasingly defining itself as a recreational center.

Worldwide, Springfield is best known as the birthplace of the sport of basketball. Previous to basketball’s popularity boom in the s, Springfield was best known as the site of the Springfield Armory , a site selected by George Washington and Henry Knox in Closed controversially during the Vietnam War, the Springfield Armory National Park features the largest collection of historic firearms in the world, and has been the site of numerous technical innovations—including the first uses of interchangeable parts and assembly line mass production.

The Quadrangle includes five museums located around the Dr. Seuss Memorial sculpture garden—featuring, in particular, two world-class art museums and one world-class science museum that includes the first U. Forest Park near the southern border of the city, is, at acres, one of the largest urban parks in the United States.

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Anemoi as Gusts of Winds represented as gusts of air Hesiod, Theogony ff trans. Evelyn-White Greek epic C8th or 7th B. These are a god-sent kind, and a great blessing to men; but the others blow fitfully upon the seas.

PEWTER ware, of both American and foreign manufacture, was very common in this country from to In fact, it was in more general use here, particularly in the rural sections where the people could not afford much silver, than it was in England.

History[ edit ] Women in the wartime workforce[ edit ] Women workers in the ordnance shops of Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company in Nicetown, Pennsylvania during World War I A woman operating a turret lathe Because world wars were total wars which required governments to utilize their entire populations for the purpose of defeating their enemies, millions of women were encouraged to work in industry and take over jobs previously done by men.

World War II was similar to World War I in that massive conscription of men led to a shortage of available workers and therefore a demand for labor which could only be fully filled by employing women. Nearly 19 million women held jobs during World War II. Many of these women were already working in a lower paying job or were returning to the work force after being laid off during the depression.

Only three million new female workers entered the workforce during the time of the war. Government campaigns targeting women were addressed solely at housewives, likely because already-employed women would move to the higher-paid “essential” jobs on their own, [6] or perhaps because it was assumed that most would be housewives. If so, you can learn to operate a drill. These women with children at home pooled together in their efforts to raise their families.

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I’m a professor of electrical engineering and computer science. I’m going to be co-lecturing 6. And we hope you’re going to have a fun time in 6. What I want to do today is spend literally a minute or so on administrative details, maybe even less.

Favorite Piqua Ware No. 3 Cast Iron Skillet $ Antique ERIE (pre-Griswold logo) No. 10 Muffin / Popover Pan $ Antique ERIE Diamond Logo No. 8 Cast Iron Griddle w Heat Ring – – years old! $

Braff’s father was born into a Jewish family, [12] [13] [14] and Braff’s mother, originally a Protestant, converted to Judaism before marrying his father. It was there that he won an acting award and had his first kiss. Stagedoor is also where Braff met actor Josh Charles , who is still a friend. In , Braff had a part in a George C. The role was Braff’s first major role in a television show.

Braff was nominated for three Golden Globes and an Emmy [34] for his work on the show. Braff directed several episodes of Scrubs, including its one-hundredth, ” My Way Home “. For the show’s ninth season , Braff was a cast member for six episodes and also served as one of the executive producers. Braff wrote, directed, produced, and starred in ‘s Garden State , which was filmed in his home state of New Jersey.

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These were small, handy pieces that came in pure white, Cornflower Blue, Spice Of Life, and the Wildflower pattern that had been introduced in Corning began focusing heavily on new Corning Ware patterns in and retired the Blue Cornflower pattern completely in The older Avocado and Harvest Gold colors had been painted onto white pieces, but these new beige pieces were beige all the way through. Corning had begun developing a transparent glass ceramic cookware in and accomplished that goal in But fearing that such cookware would substantially undercut the American market for Pyrex and Corning Ware, the project was left to languish and ultimately reassigned to a facility in Avon, France, where it was eagerly received.

The French did considerably more stovetop cooking than Americans, and their stoves were hotter, putting the existing Pyrex cookware at risk for breaking. By the late ‘s, Visions, a brand new line of amber-tinted transparent cookware suitable for the hotter French stoves, was introduced in France and became an immediate hit. Not until was Visions introduced in the U. Visions became one of the hottest no pun intended American crazes of the ‘s and soon the Martinsburg, WV, plant was producing Visions as well as Corning Ware.

However, the Visions fad was short-lived. By , sales had dropped off dramatically and even the addition of non-stick surfaces in and the new cranberry color in failed to save Visions. In , Corning Ware began offering a rapid-fire succession of new Corning Ware patterns in an attempt to still make a profit from an aging product line.

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Massage Establishment Permit Application Packet for local massage establishments only Click here for some suggested contacts to consider when opening a business. California Government Code Section On and after January 1, , each city, county, or city and county shall provide to an applicant for a business license or equivalent instrument or permit and to an applicant for the renewal of a business license or equivalent instrument or permit, the following information: Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public.

You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies:

I polished only the underside to show the markings: a Revere head with 18 on one side and 01 on the other, along with Revere Ware under the head. In a circle around this .

Well the pan turned out to not be worth the time. It is pitted on the bottom and then it turned out to be cracked. I didn’t think it was cracked to begin with so maybe I cracked it somehow but I don’t think so. I haven’t had very good luck with the fully marked Victor pans. This one ended up pitted on the bottom and then cracked while an earlier one which can be seen in post “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I just want to update about the temperature that I use for seasoning degrees. I have now gotten to as low as degrees but don’t care for the results.

Even at degrees the cast iron looks wet and greasy, not what I’m looking for so I am working back toward degrees. The lower the temperature the wetter and greasier the cast iron looks. The last batch I did was at degrees and it seemed to be what I’m looking for, so I guess that is the lowest I should go with the temperature. In my post “Molasses as a Rust Remover” I said molasses works as a rust remover and it does. It does a fantastic job if you have a lot of time.

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Narcissists are extremely selfish and self-centered people who are capable only of thinking about their own issues regarding power, prestige, and personal adequacy. Although they act superior and confident, this actually hides the fact that they have very fragile egos. The slightest disrespect or challenge can quickly lead to the development of a furious rage in them. Grandiose self-worth, vanity and entitlement are basic characteristics of this disorder; when these are challenged it often leads to narcissistic rage.

Their rages can be of two types: The explosive rages are just as they sound- explosive, volatile outbursts which may be verbal, physical, or both.

Don’t throw it out, it can be recycled and cast iron is the original recycled item dating back hundreds of years. Don’t use that cracked pan for cooking but use it for artwork or recycle it. When I got married I had a set of Farberware and my wife had a set of Revere Ware, after we got married we starting buying All Clad. Griswold Store.

When I was a toddler, our kitchen was small and sunny, located in a second-floor apartment in a late 19th century house near the harbor. It had only one west-facing window, but the walls were painted yellow and the room was radiant in late afternoon. The spice drawer smelled of what I now recognize to be cinnamon and cardamon.

The bread box was tin with a yellow top. My mother used Fire-King Tulip bowls to mix cake and cookie batter. The bowls, eventually replaced by Pyrex, survived many decades without nicks or chips. When my sister and I cleaned out Mum’s still-yellow kitchen cupboards – no longer in an apartment but in my father’s family home – we found two sets. One belonged to my late Aunt Dorothy, her older sister and my godmother. My sister and I each took a set of four nesting bowls.

Fire-King oven ware, an Anchor Hocking line, originated in the s. Much like Pyrex, it was ideal for everyday kitchen use. Housewives acquired it piece by piece in bags of flour, or as weekly promotional items at stores. It was also sold, much as Pyrex is today, at hardware and grocery stores.


People aren’t necessarily looking only for sterling; they just want to know what they’re buying. Most of the time, you can find the answer simply by turning over the teaspoon, fish fork, ice cream saw, or cheese scoop antique flatware is that specialized. On the reverse side, you usually find an indented mark or series of marks that holds a wealth of information about the item — not only what it’s made of, but sometimes also where, when, and by whom it was made.

This applies to hollowware — such as cups, bowls, teapots, and vases — too. The first step in deciphering these marks is to learn what kinds of silver are out there.

Shop revere cookware in the little rubber feet under my mother got a treasured set of revere ware logo and art. Dating wagner ware cast iron Just like vintage cookware directly from about

The blade is held in position by a circular flange to the top of the blade to keep in position when opened. The blade is secured by brass washers and iron pin. Nice early style with a honey brown patina to the handle Bale seals served two basic purposes in the colonial period with some variation in form and function. Their primary function was to provide proof that cloth or other goods had met the standard set by the guild which controlled the materials in the bale.

Most often, this was cloth since cloth was one of the most valuable and highly regulated and controlled materials in the 17th Century. The English wool trade and other industrial crafts relating to textiles were the backbone of the British economy in the 17th Century. This group was excavated in Philadelphia Heavy metal construction being a refined version of the earlier light weight open top lamps unusually made of light tinned metal. The site was strategically important in Acadia, a French colony that included parts of what are now Quebec, The Maritimes, and northern Maine.

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Collectible Antique Cast Iron Skillets, Black Iron Skillets, Skillet Sets, Hinged Skillets, Porcelain Skillets, and Duo Chrome, Raised Letter & Glass Skillet Lids by Erie, Griswold, Miami, Wagner Ware and Wapak.

Night ice sculpture Massachusetts Office of Dedicated to the memory of the thirty-fifth U. President, the museum is the official national memorial to JFK, designed by noted architect I. Pei and opened in The museum, which stands on the shore south of the city, features three theaters, personal memorabilia, photographs, and historical exhibits that document the life of JFK and his presidency. Columbia Point, Boston Official site: These hotels are in Boston’s most prestigious – and convenient – locations: Copley Square and Beacon Hill.

Boston’s waterfront extends from the North End Italian neighborhood to the newly blossoming Seaport area, handy to harbor cruises, seafood dining, museums, and historic sites. Seaport Boston Hotel guests enjoy sweeping views across Boston Harbor and the downtown skyline, excellent service, and a no-tipping policy in the hotel and its restaurants. In a skillfully repurposed brick factory building, Residence Inn Boston Downtown Seaport is steps from the Boston Children’s Museum and downtown attractions.

Even Boston’s budget-friendly options are conveniently close to the center. The small Chandler Inn is in the chic South End restaurant and arts neighborhood.


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